Dec 08, 2016

The Best Offense is a Good Defense: Repressing Non-Retinal Fates in the Drosophila Eye

Friend of the lab and fly geneticist extraordinaire Justin Kumar visited the U of A this week from that fabled center of the Drosophila universe, Indiana University. Justin presented a seminar on his lab's research to the Department of Biological Sciences.

Oct 22, 2016

Arkansas INBRE Conference 2016 (Nov. 21-22, 2016)

The 2016 Arkansas INBRE Conference was this weekend, once again held here on the U of A campus in Fayetteville. Haley, Trent, Abigail and Alli all presented posters on Saturday morning, and Gina took home first place in the Biological Sciences oral presentation competition for her talk on Friday. Nice job, everyone!

Oct 21, 2016

Fulbright Fridays at Butterfield Trail Village

Tim delivered a presentation on the lab's research at Butterfield Trail Village as part of the monthly Fulbright Fridays series. Many thanks to the folks at Butterfield Trail for a warm welcome and a spirited discussion of the research and teaching that goes on here in Fulbright College and the Department of Biological Sciences.

Sep 20, 2016

CSHL meeting 2016 (Sept. 20-24, 2016)

LaFreda, Haley, Gina, and Tim traveled to Cold Spring Harbor, NY for the 2016 CSHL meeting on Axon Guidance, Synapse Formation, and Regeneration.

Aug 24, 2016

Embryonic axon guidance: insights from Drosophila and other insects

Tim wrote a review of axon guidance in insects for the journal Current Opinion in Insect Science. Check it out online at COIS!

Aug 22, 2016

Welcome Alli and Savanna!

Undergraduate researchers Alli Loy and Savanna Cathey are the newest members of the Evans lab. Alli will be comparing the axon guidance roles of fly and mouse Robo receptors, and Savanna will be investigating the functional importance of Robo2's fibronectin (Fn) domains.

Aug 18, 2016

In vivo functional analysis of Drosophila Robo1 immunoglobulin-like domains

Marie, Haley and Tim published a paper today describing our structure-function analysis of all five Ig domains within the Drosophila Robo1 receptor. Check it out at Neural Development!

Aug 10, 2016

Tim on Ozarks at Large

Tim stopped by the local Fayetteville public radio station, KUAF, to talk with Timothy Dennis about our Robo2 project and using fruit flies as a model to study neural development. You can listen to the interview here, or the full Ozarks at Large episode here.

Aug 01, 2016

NIH R15 award: Functional analysis of the Drosophila axon guidance receptor Robo2

The Evans lab has received a $440,613 grant from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) to study the genetic regulation of neural development. This project will determine how the Robo2 receptor regulates specific axon guidance decisions in the Drosophila embryonic nervous system. The U of A is getting the word out via Facebook and Twitter, and you can read more about the project in the Arkansas Newswire and the University's Research Frontiers newsletter.

Jul 07, 2016

PhD Candidate LaFreda Howard

LaFreda successfully completed her PhD Candidacy Exam today, and is now officially a PhD Candidate in the Cell and Molecular Biology Program at U of A. Congratulations LaFreda!

May 13, 2016

BIOL Master's student Haley Brown

Haley graduated with Honors and a B.S. in Biology from Fulbright College and the University of Arkansas. She now re-joins the Evans lab as a Biology Master's student. Welcome back Haley!

Apr 15, 2016

Congratulations Haley!

Haley Brown successfully defended her Honors Thesis today, titled "Wiring the Insect Nervous System: Slit-Robo Interactions in Midline Axon Guidance". Well done, Haley!

Apr 06, 2016

Gina receives Fulbright College Presidential Scholarship

Gina Hauptman was selected as the 2016-2017 Presidential Scholar for the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, in recognition of her stellar academic record, participation in Honor’s research, and extracurricular activities. Congratulations Gina!

Apr 01, 2016

Arkansas Academy of Science Meeting 2016 (April 1-2, 2016)

Gina presented a poster on her research at this year's meeting of the Arkansas Academy of Science, here in Fayetteville.

Mar 04, 2016


Today was the 2016 Northwest Arkansas Regional Science and Engineering Fair (NWARSEF). Students in grades 5-12 came from across the region to the U of A campus here in Fayetteville to present their science projects. Tim served as a project judge for the Junior Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences. It's always a great experience to meet the next generation of Northwest Arkansas scientists!

Mar 01, 2016

Tim receives a Connor Faculty Fellowship

Tim was selected to receive a Robert C. and Sandra Connor Endowed Faculty Fellowship, an award designed to "support the career advancement of faculty who provide the highest quality teaching, research and service to the college." Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Connor for their continued support of junior faculty in the Fulbright College and the University of Arkansas!

Mar 01, 2016

2016 UA Fayetteville Neuroscience Research Showcase

Today was the 2016 UA Fayetteville Neuroscience Research Showcase. Tim presented a poster and discussed our lab's research with other Neuroscience researchers on campus, University of Arkansas administration, and members of the public. Thanks to Jim Rankin and the VPRED Office for organizing the Showcase and fostering the burgeoning Neuroscience community at the University of Arkansas.

Jan 19, 2016

Spring 2016 Comparative Neurobiology

The Spring 2016 semester begins today, and Tim is teaching a new course: Comparative Neurobiology. This is a combined graduate/undergraduate course focused on reading and discussing papers from the Neurobiology literature. We will cover a variety of topics including neural development, behavior, and learning, as well as cutting-edge techniques like optogenetics and genetically-encoded calcium indicators used to measure and manipulate neuronal activity. Here's looking forward to an exciting semester of Neurobiology!